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15 Aug
Once upon a time, I would start the game with a lane plan. This was what I was going to do. I would cast this spell, and the enemy would do this, and then I would do this and everything would be rainbows and ponies... For me. They get blood and pain. But this had its problems. What if they did not respond as I expected, what if I couldn't get off the harass/initiation/whatever. Then I was just lost.

It was crutch for when I was unfamiliar with champions, but now I think I've progressed beyond it. I don't need to create convoluted plans to force my opponents into a situation I can kill...
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23 Jul


Cassie just seems my style, powerful, potentially game changing ult, good mobility (I love utility masteries plus MS Quints on her) and a challenging spammy kit. The pattern noted last post is my tendency to gravitate towards the 'difficult' champions. Ahri, Anivia, Orianna, Syndra and now Cassiopeia. Actually I tend to struggle with simple ones, my Katarina, for example, is dreadful.

So how do I do with her? My laning is probably my weakest area at the moment, which is a pity, Cassie has such nice strength at level 4. That said, my laning...
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18 Jul


I actually completed this one aaaaaages ago, my decision made after one match (although I'd played several relatively recently). The TL:DR version of this is that I just don't enjoy Anivia enough to main her. On paper, she's incredibly interesting; when I'm not playing her, I want to play her. In-game... Well, she can be very rewarding to play in team-fights, but so can all the other champions I enjoy, and Anivia just feels not fluid enough. I put it down to the relatively short-ranged Frostbite and generally low mobility. That said, she brings a lot to the table....
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25 Jun
So, Mowen said:

Whoah whoah whoah... I think you need to elaborate on this some time. :) Probably not in this thread but that's so awesome!

In response to my mentioning I had a cello exam. And I love music! It's one of the best things ever, miles better than sliced bread (but sliced bread sucks, silly comparison), so I thought, 'why not elaborate?'. This will be a blog about me.

So, today I finally did my grade 4 cello exam. To be honest, I'm terrible at practicing regularly, I started 5-6 years ago and could have gotten much further if I actually practiced properly....
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