I actually completed this one aaaaaages ago, my decision made after one match (although I'd played several relatively recently). The TL:DR version of this is that I just don't enjoy Anivia enough to main her. On paper, she's incredibly interesting; when I'm not playing her, I want to play her. In-game... Well, she can be very rewarding to play in team-fights, but so can all the other champions I enjoy, and Anivia just feels not fluid enough. I put it down to the relatively short-ranged Frostbite and generally low mobility. That said, she brings a lot to the table.

As for how I handle her? My mechanics in-lane are weak, although I understand some of the stuff you can do with her wall, I just need practice with the execution. I love the potential of her ultimate to turtle hard and hold turrets 1v3, or harder, but alas, I do not like turtling situations. That said, utilising that power is sometimes all that has kept my team in the game, sometimes to their annoyance.

As for my walling? As with quite a lot of things at the moment, I am too hesitant. I know what it's like to make a bad wall and immediately regret it as I see how it will harm my team, which leads to me second guessing myself and often identifying a perfect wall opportunity but then missing it because of that bit of doubt. It's actually why I lost my last Anivia game, or perhaps more aptly why we did not win it (that we remained in the game as long as we did was in no small part due to myself). I saw the enemy ADC and someone else heading through the jungle towards a fight which my team had broken out against their Hecarim. My first thought was to wall them off so they could not join the fight, my second thought was remembering how I once did that and left the ranged able to pew-pew my team without our melées being able to reach them through the wall. That's true in the confines of the jungle in a grouped up fight, but not for a fight occurring in lane where I can wall the ranged far out of reach of us in the jungle.

Bonus: Complete Awareness

What I really need for Crystallize is to be thoroughly aware of what's going on in fights and what the environment is like and how I can use it to my advantage. I feel that the spell forces you to learn that awareness so I find it somewhat regrettable that I'll not be playing much of Anivia, nevertheless, I might throw in the odd game in normals and it's not as though awareness isn't something I don't learn in general. Recent Sona experience has highlighted how my lack of awareness is leading to me being too hesitant in decisions, i.e. Crescendo plays.

Anyhow, finishing off, Cassiopeia is up next and I'm down to my last one or two games for her. Anyone noticing a pattern with the champions here?