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07 Jun


I fell in love with Syndra the moment she was announced, yet found her disappointing on release. A big part of this was because she felt so unintuitive to me, unlike, say, Orianna. But I persevered, and would often start to get a feel for her. However, with me constantly flitting between champions I would lose any grasp of how to play her and have to begin pretty much from square one. It was my experiences with Syndra which made me start focusing on one champ at a time, and it payed off. I took my experiences in each game and brought it forwards to the next,...
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06 Jun
This blog post is "just for fun", assuming you find mathematics interesting. A little hypothetical formulation.

I mentioned in my previous post that aside from sometimes being faster, numerical approaches to modeling champion damage are more appropriate than algebraic ones. But what if we wanted to use algebra anyway, just to be awkward? How about this situation: Two Ashes, each with a BotRK and "simple" items (no Statikk Shiv). We want to model a duel between the two and determine who dies first, accounting for regeneration from HP/5 (but no [wiki = mastery...
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05 Jun
Welcome to the first post of a blog series in which I combine mathematical analysis with logic to investigate building ADCs. Why ADCs? I feel they are the easiest role to mathematically analyse and more importantly, the most relevant ones to do so. A very simplistic view of the ADC is someone who outputs consistent high DPS on the closest target. There are varying degrees of auto-attack reliance between ADCs, but many can have their damage output easily modeled.

Table of Contents

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02 Jun
So, this is the start of a little blog series I am making. It's not written to inform, and I'm not holding out on entertaining (although perhaps it will be somewhat interesting). I'm just blogging my thoughts, and maybe, just maybe, I'll learn something.

So what is it? There are over fourteen champions which appeal to me in mid-lane, but it is not remotely practical to keep flitting between them. As soon as I start to get a feel for Syndra, for example, I immediately lose it because I play another five champions before I get back to her. And that's not counting jungling and...
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25 Apr
Just some thoughts I felt like sharing. Without further ado...

Like a fair number of players, I want to climb up the MMR/ELO ladder, get into better matches and play with and against great players. But why? An important question. For me, it is out of fascination with the mechanics and strategies behind high level play. Things that are absent in the pellmell chaos that is whatever MMR my normals get matched at.

I'm under no illusion that I could play at that level. Yet. In lane the best I would manage against a great player is to farm, and poorly, and I would be largely clueless in the...
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