Hello I'm KingPudding, I have been around the block a couple of times and have decided to open a guide review shop to spread the knowledge that I have accumulated. I can review most champs I will list the few that I haven't played and therefore cannot review the guides as it wouldn't benefit you. If you decide to send a champ that I listed below I will try my best to look at it and determine what can be improved though so they will be a little less thorough.

Champs I haven't played: Ahri Annie Cassiopeia Elise, Fizz, Irelia Jarvan IV, Kennen, Kha'Zix, Nami, Orianna, Poppy, Shyvana Syndra, Vi

I can do about any other champ in depth though.

What you gain from my review:

Another possible vote
Feedback on your guide
A different outlook at a champion
More things to make your guide look better

What you could do afterwards

Spread your new knowledge
Help others with your champion
Check out one of my guides
Make mobafire a better place
Open a shop of your own

So now to talk about how I review

I will write a review. Then after I hope you revise. After revising send me a PM with the link and I will check it over then determine a + or - depending on the changes you made.

How to submit a review?

leave your name
Anything else I should know

Very simple right?

Guides reviewed:

Link: Ezreal
Status: No vote yet

Guides in review process: