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10 Apr
Sooo I just had the most amazing game with Malzahar. I don't own him but, I played him on the last free week. SO I just went into the first game I have played with him in weeks or even months and I ran a Sorcerer's Shoes Liandry's Torment Rabadon's Deathcap Rod of Ages Zhonya's Hourglass and Mejai's Soulstealer and ended up with I think 818 AP by level 16!!!. It was during a team fight Rengar jumped me I immediately ulted killed him. Landed my Malefic Visions on Draven killing him with the dot popped a few Call of the Void and Null Zone on...
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18 Mar
SO I have been listening to some awesome music when I play a few champs and wanted to share them as you might enjoy them too.

Twisted Fate
The Shape of My Heart
By Sting
This song is about cards. And Tf has a Jack of Hearts skin.

Calling All Angels
By Train
This should be self explanatory as she is an angel

By Three doors down
Because he "evolves"

My name (wearing me out)
By Shinedown
Dance Dance
By Fallout Boys
"He's the fallen force of nature" because FON was sometimes used on morde and "my...
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16 Mar
Bleeech I've been stuck in silver 4 now for a few weeks. I can't get out no matter how good I do as a player. I can have the most kills on the team and be carrying but then we lose for no reason then a teamfight. I usually mid [twisted fate]] top Pantheon, but I try not to ADC as I'm not very good at it. Any ideas how to get out of this purgatiorio no troll answers please.
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05 Mar
So i was playing this game as Mordekaiser and I was carrying 11/5/11 with about 290 CS we were this whole game pushing turrets and winning fights. But then we went to go get baron. T.T blitz pulls Xin Zhao from the bush who instantly rushes to me and knocks me into the air. Then miss fortunes uses her ultimate and Ryze used his and we lost that teamfight. So later after two more repeats of the exact same formation and ability use we lose again. Then we have nothing but two towers and an inhib is down and they are approaching the base. We say to Blitzcrank DON'T [[rocket...
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04 Mar
Hello I'm KingPudding, I have been around the block a couple of times and have decided to open a guide review shop to spread the knowledge that I have accumulated. I can review most champs I will list the few that I haven't played and therefore cannot review the guides as it wouldn't benefit you. If you decide to send a champ that I listed below I will try my best to look at it and determine what can be improved though so they will be a little less thorough.

Champs I haven't played: Ahri Annie Cassiopeia Elise, Fizz, Irelia Jarvan IV, Kennen,...
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