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03 Jan
Got all four of my wisdom teeth pulled today. Hurts a little but not a ton really. I was still able to finish my Galio guide and update a few others while I was at it. Wisdom teeth can't slow this freak of nature. I'm like Malphite with unstoppable force. Except I cant eat hamburgers or chicken. Well now that I think of it does malphite eat anything? Maybe he eats rocks? Cause we all know Cho'Gath eats everything Gangplank eats oranges, Gragas just drinks alcohol and Zyra just uses photosynthesis. Hmm this baffles me now imput your idea of what malphite eats, or for that...
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27 Dec
Ok I just tried to log on its 8:35 right now and it said 20000 people are in que!! it would take me 30 mins just to log in!! So I went to the site and it said the server is open and running smoothly. pfff yeah right.
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27 Dec
So as a player I have about 3 positions I'm usually good at. MID,JUNGLE, OR ADC. I'm a decent support though. But, I SUCK at playing top. It seems no matter who I play. Rather it be Renekton, Mordekaiser, Nasus, Olaf, or even Yorick it doesn't matter I just get wrecked. I'll see people play the same characters and wreck the living **** out of me. I've tried so many Renekton guides and played Mordekaiser to the grave.hahahah. Both times I get smacked around by champs such as Teemo or Fiora or any of those dualists. But, no longer...
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