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KingPudding's Mobafire Blog

24 Feb

Views: 270 Back to work I go

Hi ho Hi ho it's off to work I go.

Need to revise my guide a bit and add a few things. Got some great feedback and I'm now putting it into use. Hope to have it finished by tomorrow.
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21 Feb

Views: 321 I'm alive

Well the day went well with the gf's parents. Got burgers and hugs and watched college basketball team win their game.
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21 Feb
2 hrs till I meet the parents stomach is going crazy with knots. And I'm really really hungry!!!! Scariness. But on the upside I beat the tar out of a Katarina with Gragas earlier today. I was at like 1000 ping though constantly too and carried my team. I could say I drank her 6ft under the table.

What I didn't know though is her mother has a shorter fuse. Good thing she is wearing a cast from surgery or else I might come home black and blue and missing a few teeth. :p
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20 Feb

Views: 497 Demons VS Ghosts

So my friend and I got into this topic about which is scarier Demons or Ghosts. I say Ghosts cause you can't excorcise them very easily and they have no physical apperance or manifestation. he believes though that demons are worse because it's hard enough to rid of a demon. But in contrast it's easier to know what your fighting if it possesses something. Of course both can be banished ie priests for demons and ghostbusters for ya know ghosts. But after all the paranormal activity movies it seems that ghosts rack up more deaths than demons in that case.
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18 Feb

Views: 568 Meet the parents

SO this thursday I have the pleasure of meeting my gf's parents. Scary thing is her father went is at least 5 ft 10 and went to Iowa state the wrestling college where Dan Gable taught. And on top of that he is really picky on manners and has a short fuse. I feel tiny like a yordle compared to the Nautilus like height of her father.
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