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KingPudding's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Girlfriend

21 Feb

Views: 326 Girlfriend

Well the day went well with the gf's parents. Got burgers and hugs and watched college basketball team win their game.
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21 Feb

Views: 412 Girlfriend

2 hrs till I meet the parents stomach is going crazy with knots. And I'm really really hungry!!!! Scariness. But on the upside I beat the tar out of a Katarina with Gragas earlier today. I was at like 1000 ping though constantly too and carried my team. I could say I drank her 6ft under the table.

What I didn't know though is her mother has a shorter fuse. Good thing she is wearing a cast from surgery or else I might come home black and blue and missing a few teeth. :p
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11 Dec

Views: 512 Girlfriend

So I was making a post earlier that i deleted due to its content and the fact that it was just a bunch of rage due to a headache that I was having. So i deleted the post but, the headache was still there and it hurt like a mofo. So i got some aspirin from my gf and went to get water from the sink in the common area. As I open the door infront of me is one of her suitemates clad in nothing but a towel, just standing there. We both looked away out of decency and i couldnt help but apologize about ten times to her. But I got the water i needed for the advil in the end.
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