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26 Jan

Views: 474 Pg1

The Ghetto Comeback Kids
It was the last wrestling match of the tournament, “This is my chance once again to try and earn a first place.”Jack thought. He battled his opponent, strategizing every move, Set-up to takedown to finishing move, repeating the process. Jack’s mind was split, one side thought methodically, calculating points, time, and position of his opponent while the other half was moving a hundred miles per hour acting on impulse. Then suddenly he sensed his head too close to his knee. His opponent’s snake like arms rocked him to his back. Despite Jack’s best efforts this...
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22 Jan

Views: 287 Short story

Been writing a short story that has a component like lol to it. Might decide to upload it after its finished and I have worked out all the bugs.
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16 Jan
I was just playing a ranked game and kicking butt as Mordekaiser. Then I look at the score to see the enemy Twitch is 6/0/0. I literally had to walk my heavy metal butt down to bot lane and gank as mordekaiser. Thats how pathetic and sad my team was. Then our Morgana was trolling the whole game and never used her ultimate in the game except once when it didn't matter. Yeah I was a fed morde though but if you can't get to the ADC cause your team won't help in a teamfight then it's already GG.
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10 Jan

Views: 268 Review shop

I will now be reviewing champion guides. If people want me to take a look at their guides and get some feedback and another vote please PM and I will take a look at your guide and write a review.
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