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KingPudding's Mobafire Blog

24 Dec

Views: 351 AP: Cho-Gath

Through a few test games I played AP Cho-Gath. My verdict on this form of playing Cho as a straight out AP-Carry is that Cho becomes really OP. I have gone 22/0/5 in some games alone today. And I'm now working on my third account.
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14 Dec

Views: 444 Ranked games

Ok, I just won my first two ranked games. I'm happy and to put the cherry on top. I got a Perfect jungle game!!! I'm pretty happy that I supported the team with Nautilus And went 3/0/11. My job when I play naut is more to assist my team getting the kills. Nautilus doesn't dish out damage but he and his anchor really weigh you down.
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12 Dec
Man, I swear my last few games have sucked. My team has just been so terrible they fed all of their team and I was the only one with more than a single kill. Sometimes it takes more than one man to carry four others.
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