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10 Dec

Views: 310 Poetry.

one fifty five blue
too many trolls bliz, ALi, stop
all throw it away.
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10 Dec
OMG NEW ERB!!!!! Santa Vs. Moses

Besides that i need to learn how to put pictures in my guides. Oh god GF on the phone and the video just went off when she is talking to her mom.
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10 Dec
Ughhhhhh I don't wanna do any studying for finals. In advance sorry if my grammar starts to become more and more vague and unintelligent. SO ..... I just had my first final today and I'm like well I don't wanna do any more work today especially cause the next final is on wednesday. So I went on MOBAFIRE and made a guide. Then I felt the need to join and now I'm procrastinating and now to go cuddle with my GF. I need to get her into LOL as well. But I'm not sure how well it would work on a macbook. Now to go cuddle with her.


Pudding King.
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