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17 Feb
So I recently started taking a required course at my college that is in a sense a giant discussion. Not a debate but it's based upon the teaching style of Socrates and we sit in a special way known as S.S.C "Socratic Seminar Circle". Recently discussed an excerpt from Plato's Republic on the "Allegory of the Cave." It's an interesting thing to hear everyone's point of views over such bizarre and obscure topics.
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29 Jan

Views: 294 Bandwidth

Roomate stealing internet for netflix= bad lol games cause bandwidth sucks.
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26 Jan

Views: 517 The honor ribbon system

I believe the honor system is a little broken in some senses. I have a 104 teamwork and not a single ribbon for it. I know it's supposed to be different for different players but I think it's a bit overkill.
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26 Jan

Views: 428 Pgs 6-11

Tim looked at Jack “Dude Super Fighter is the best thing in the world besides hanging out with Bob.”
Wrestling practice wasn’t the same for Jack. Kendra’s words echoed in his head. Jack came in last place in sprints and couldn’t beat the new wrestlers in king of the ring. After his first match Jack’s coach pulled him aside.
“Jack, what’s going on? You’re not yourself today I can see it in everything you’re doing.” His coach said. Jack’s hugged him and said “listen bud, you can tell me anything, I gotta make sure your good for this Saturday.”
Jack looked at him embracing the hug and...
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26 Jan

Views: 420 Pgs 2-5

“Well we have a test today and I didn’t study so I’m writing the vocab on my arm.” The kid rolled up his sleeves to reveal a wall of Spanish words that covered both of his arms “Oh God, the test!” Jack tore through his backpack looking for a pen.
“Need a pen?” the kid said as he held it towards him. “
Yeah I do, thanks.” The kid then looked at him and said “You’re Jack, right? Hi, my name is Bob, Bob Dash.” Jack focused on writing the vocab on his arm.
After Jack’s last class he walked to the wrestling room. He felt the need to be there before everyone else to show his dedication and...
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