SO I have been listening to some awesome music when I play a few champs and wanted to share them as you might enjoy them too.

Twisted Fate
The Shape of My Heart
By Sting
This song is about cards. And Tf has a Jack of Hearts skin.

Calling All Angels
By Train
This should be self explanatory as she is an angel

By Three doors down
Because he "evolves"

My name (wearing me out)
By Shinedown
Dance Dance
By Fallout Boys
"He's the fallen force of nature" because FON was sometimes used on morde and "my name is empty cause you drained away the love" He's a suit of armor

And in Dance Dance a part of the chorus is "misery loves me" or

Better version
By Shinedown
Works rythmatically with his play style and can time your E using parts of the chorus.

cho gath
By Shinedown
OmNOMNOM. Self explainatory

By Rise Against

By Disturbed

I always think of grandskyfall when I hear this.

And in Indestructible he says a master of war. Which is similar to artisan of war

Epic rap battles of History, Einstein Vs Hawking
Cause he looks like Einstein a bit and is a scientist

Bang the doldrums
By Fall out boys
Has a part in the chorus that goes yo ho ho like pirates do.

Not Afraid
By Eminem

I Need a Doctor
By Dr. Dre

Not Afraid is about redemption and coming back similar to Galio's lore While I need a doctor has just been a lucky song for me.

Your Song
By Elton John

The line he says "or a man who makes potion in the traveling show"

Pocket full of Sunshine
By I don't Remember
Self explainatrory

Note These are my own opinions if you don't agree with them don't be a jerk about it. If there is any songs for other champs you think of make a comment.