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KingPudding's Mobafire Blog - Tag: bad teamates

05 Mar
So i was playing this game as Mordekaiser and I was carrying 11/5/11 with about 290 CS we were this whole game pushing turrets and winning fights. But then we went to go get baron. T.T blitz pulls Xin Zhao from the bush who instantly rushes to me and knocks me into the air. Then miss fortunes uses her ultimate and Ryze used his and we lost that teamfight. So later after two more repeats of the exact same formation and ability use we lose again. Then we have nothing but two towers and an inhib is down and they are approaching the base. We say to Blitzcrank DON'T [[rocket...
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16 Jan
I was just playing a ranked game and kicking butt as Mordekaiser. Then I look at the score to see the enemy Twitch is 6/0/0. I literally had to walk my heavy metal butt down to bot lane and gank as mordekaiser. Thats how pathetic and sad my team was. Then our Morgana was trolling the whole game and never used her ultimate in the game except once when it didn't matter. Yeah I was a fed morde though but if you can't get to the ADC cause your team won't help in a teamfight then it's already GG.
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13 Dec
FINALLY good teammates. I haven't won a game in two days thanks to bad teamates. But now that I started playing Shaco I'm finally winning again with decent teamates :)
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12 Dec
Man, I swear my last few games have sucked. My team has just been so terrible they fed all of their team and I was the only one with more than a single kill. Sometimes it takes more than one man to carry four others.
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