Hello everyone,

As most of us are aware, Gragas has been a top pick for the last little while. He was an extremely strong pick, to the point of being "overpowered". Because of this, Riot has applied a few small nerfs to him, and then flat out gave him a slight kit rework, calling it a, "Gameplay Update".

In this gameplay update, Gragas has been re-directed away from the role of a long range sniper to more of an AP Bruiser. If you look on almost any forum related to this topic, you will find plenty of people saying, "RIP Gragas", " Gragas is unplayable now" and that sort of thing.

Well, I think that everyone is looking at this all wrong. These aren't simple nerfs to a champion. Nerfs are what can result in champions becoming "unplayable" if the nerfs are too extreme. This is a re-work. This means that Gragas will have to find a new role to fill now. Possibly something along the lines of a tanky fighter or possible jungler.

If you play Gragas how he used to be as a long range sniper, then yes you will most likely fail. His new kit simply isn't built to fill that role. But this does not make him unplayable. A similar scenario would be if you tried to play someone such as Soraka in the jungle. It wouldn't work out well, but that doesn't make her unplayable. That means she just doesn't fit that role. Same thing with Gragas now. He needs a new role, and just because he doesn't fit his old role doesn't make him unplayable.

Riot is giving a few options for Gragas though. His new Drunken Rage gives him a massive 12% health shred for an auto attack. Plus, its still free! That is nothing short of amazing. The amount of damage that can be dealt for no mana cost is huge. He also now has a movement speed slow on Barrel Roll, and Body Slam now stuns whoever it hits. With these new crowd control effects, he might possibly become a viable jungler, or even support. I don't know yet, as it has been too soon.

The point that I am trying to make here is that you cannot judge the Gragas rework too quickly. He just fills different roles now, and it will take time to find out which role that is. If you believe that Gragas is unplayable, then you are simply not playing him right.