So recently my ELO has been suffering due to incompetence, poor gameplay by me after being demoralized and immaturity on most of the teams I get, in the past week and a half or so I have gone from 1300 play and doing well to the 900's. Now that is a dramatic drop to have in one week, it happened in late November I got about six or seven back to back losses and it was horrible about half way through those losses I just began to not care and stopped looking for counter picks and started playing very poorly. I do know I can only blame myself for my dramatic decrease in ELO but also it doesn't help when you're having a slightly off night in solo queue and you either get an entire team that doesn't speak your language and just wants to feed kills or troll their team or you start off doing well and someone dies on your team or gives first blood and someone else on your team just rides them the rest of the game making them just not care anymore.

So because of this I've been looking for serious duo partners, it hasn't been hard through playing Normal games I've found a few cool guys that are exceptional at the game and whenever we duo queue it's usually a lot of fun and we win more than we lose so I'm gradually getting my ELO back. It's going to be a long hard road since it was tanked so hard and you don't get much rating when you're that low ELO for one win especially when the other team is around the same rank as you, but it will get back to the 1300's eventually and then hopefully progress further from there.

So to state the obvious duo queue if you want to actually gain rating, and solo if you want trolls/feeders/immaturity/demoralization and to lose rating. Unless you're "super leet pro skills" solo queue is just horrible and you will always have to carry at least two other people on your team to do good.

So that is my post for this week, I hope you enjoyed if you even read it and sorry for any spelling/grammar/rambling I just woke up after a long night and haven't had my coffee yet.

If there is any advice or questions people have please feel free to comment.