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Ku5hlol's Mobafire Blog - Tag: queue

18 Dec

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Hello everyone, I am just making a little blog post for those who may see this here rather than on the forums I am currently in search of a new duo partner since the two I was duoing with are now on vacation and weren't very active before that.

I am sitting at 900 ELO at the moment after the crash I spoke about in my previous blog post. I would like to get back up to at least 1400-1500 range in the next few weeks or so.

I main supports so if you enjoy AD carrying I'm your man, but I am also versatile and can solo mid as well as jungle or solo top so anything goes no specifics.

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16 Dec

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So recently my ELO has been suffering due to incompetence, poor gameplay by me after being demoralized and immaturity on most of the teams I get, in the past week and a half or so I have gone from 1300 play and doing well to the 900's. Now that is a dramatic drop to have in one week, it happened in late November I got about six or seven back to back losses and it was horrible about half way through those losses I just began to not care and stopped looking for counter picks and started playing very poorly. I do know I can only blame myself for my dramatic decrease in ELO but also it doesn't...
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