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UchihaKuzumi (Unverified)
Twisted Fate, Cassiopeia, Zilean
Ranged DPS, Support, Caster DPS


hi a 22years old geek..iguess x] from Norway but i play on Us / North America realm Because i play with other mates on Us.East on Warcraft3.

LoL is like dota, JUST ALOT BETTER!...and i dont like dota, but i love League of Legends! :D 40 heroes so far [20th august 2011] (trying to get the whole collection)..and from all those, I love twisted the most ^^ vs bots i prefer Twisted or nidalee :P but starting to cheat on Twisted with Zilean x] poor guy :/ n__n <333 :p

Cya on the battlefield! wait, its not rifles there..the monsterfield?..x]