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LaCorpse's Mobafire Blog - Tag: personal

14 Nov

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Hey guys!
Most of you know I'm back, and I have been working hard in my graphic shop. I wanted to take a minuet to explain why I was away for so long and such.

I lost a lot in the past few months. I lost my cousin, my great grandfather, Rich's Aunt Teresa and my cat.

Kenny - October 6th

Demi - November 11th...
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04 Aug

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After I'm done with the MF guide me and MissMaw are doing, I think I'm done writing guides.

No, this is not a QQ post. :p

I just feel like.. I'm not doing good enough for the scores I have.
I hear too many people complaining that the only reason they are "popular" is because of my signatures, and how pretty they are.

So I've decided, I'm just going to start helping people with their guides. By that, I mean.. I guess you could say "pimp" them out. If I...
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