Uhmmm hi ^-^ I'm not that new to Mobafire but I though I'd share some mindflashes and some words in my blog now and maybe maybe get someway some connection or some friends to paly with cuz I'm kinda a solo player and o'well actually maybe not that awesome ppl want me to.

Ok I'm not that bad most games we lost weren't all my fault. xD

I'm lvl 30 I know some stuff about the game I know how to do most stuff and i'm good at jungling and mid lane.
I can go with the ad carry good as well and support/top lane isn't that good but I won't fail that much either.
well to tell in my preferings order jungle>mid>carry>solotop/support

My favourite heroes are Skarner, Orianna, Ahri, Varus, Draven, Warwick. also like Lux, Brand and some other champs.

I'm 20 years old, male and a more "**** happens" person. I don't flame in allchat or my mates. if I flame them I do it for myself in my room xD

Uhmm I like Animes and japan stuff aaaaaand some action stuff. xD I know an well awesome explaination. xD
Oh and I'm on EU west. For more questions about how I play or my opinions on builds or some date on an aram match check out my inbox. =3
Or just smalltalk :3 I talk about everything :D well...not Justin bieber...he's just a wuss.

Maybe if I'm confident enough about a hero maybe I'm gonna present a guide about him? Maybe Skarner? Idk yet :D If I have enough time and enough anger to do that xD

O'well thats me so far tho xD
Thank you for reeding so far (if you did xD) and I wish you some nice games!
See ya~