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Lampi's Mobafire Blog

02 Jun

Views: 716 Sometimes...

Yes, somestimes I really suck at league of legends starting with my first fife games I play like Gold and then at the sixth game of the day I ****ing play like Bronze V (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
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28 Sep
I wrote a little thread about the discussion of the queue for ARAM.

If you want to check it out just check the link right there:

What you will await there?
- pros/cons of aram
- discussion of "competitive" aram
- maybe some inspiration for the idea

I'll keep my blog reader in form =)

in love,
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28 Sep
Uhmmm hi ^-^ I'm not that new to Mobafire but I though I'd share some mindflashes and some words in my blog now and maybe maybe get someway some connection or some friends to paly with cuz I'm kinda a solo player and o'well actually maybe not that awesome ppl want me to.

Ok I'm not that bad most games we lost weren't all my fault. xD

I'm lvl 30 I know some stuff about the game I know how to do most stuff and i'm good at jungling and mid lane.
I can go with the ad carry good as well and support/top lane isn't that good but I won't fail that much either.
well to tell in my preferings...
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