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Lasoor's Guide to Yorick Shepherd of Souls Top - 7.15

Last Commend By: JannaGod
Last Commend On: Jun 23rd, 2017

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Nocturne, Kassadin, Yorick
Assassin, Tank, Fighter


I am an avid guide maker and am currently in the process of writing a very detailed in-depth book on League of Legends strategy that will include information on how to build and play every champion and role. This book will be sold as an ebook and in paperback form.

Mastery 7

(*) Nocturne
(*) Warwick
(*) Kassadin
(*) Master Yi

Mastery 6

(*) Yorick
(*) Pantheon
(*) Udyr
(*) Aatrox

Mastery 5

(*) Xin Zhao
(*) Sivir
(*) Shaco