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16 Sep

Views: 841 Wow.

Well, this is really off topic compared to the usual stuff I post, but I'm still obsessing over this morning. So first off, I stayed up until about 2:50 AM last night with 7 friends building/using a party room (strobe lights, hanging glow poi, etc.). So yeah, I fell asleep around 3:00 AM, and woke up at 6:00 AM to one of my friends yelling "Fire".

I kind of did a double-take in my head, then jumped up and ran to the window where there was a huge wall of fire running up the house, I told everyone to get their expensive stuff and leave the house. Somehow or another my fire alarm...
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21 Aug

Views: 564 Ahri

Well, here's the next one. It... Well, it sucks XD. I think I learned a few new things here, did the hair differently, got the face shape a BIT closer to how it should be, and got a better color scheme. However I have no idea wtf kind of pose I put her in lol. I ended up putting Foxfire on her although it probably looks more like blue buff >_>

So yeah, this is the second one I've made now, still very new to this whole chibi style but over the...
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19 Aug

Views: 641 Chibi Ashe :3

So after seeing the thing on Reddit where someone was doing a chibi version of every champion, I decided I'd do the same thing. Mine probably won't be daily, especially for the next few weeks since I'm going to Burning Man, but I'll update this when I can.

Oh, and for the record, this is my first time ever even trying to make art in this style, so it will probably suck XD

I kinda like it hehe. Unfortunately I didn't get to shade it...
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12 Aug

Views: 842 Sorceress Lux

Well, just finished my favorite one so far :D

Took me about 5 hours, I use a laptop mousepad so I had to use a lot of the path tool to make good edges. Overall really happy with it even if the face looks a bit derpy. Did a TON of smudging for this XD
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15 Jun

Views: 909 Brand Art

I actually really like this one. I have been short on time lately, but I had a spare hour today to devote to trying out a program called Sai. Aside from Dinoman, this is my first time ever using the program so I don't really know what's what, but it is what Riot uses to make splash art and I love it! Made this for today's Reddit SketchDaily.

I'm going to buy a sketchpad or whatever soon to hopefully make better stuff because at the moment I'm using a laptop pad...
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