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Feb 7th, 2013
Feb 12th, 2013


!!!---In Progress---!!!
My name is Timothy (Leond) Wall. I am the support player for the League of Legends team Just Business Gaming. I am from Calgary, Alberta and started playing LoL in Grade 11. Since then I have played LoL on and off but only recently started taking it seriously. I started Just Business Gaming with my roommates StrykNyne and Silatuyok as well as AngelCypher who we met through LoL. When I first started Playing LoL I mostly played mid. I really enjoyed the champions that are played in that position. I especially took a liking to Ahri and she became my main mid champion. Once we started playing as a group though I found that my play style more suited that of a support player. I really preferred helping my team get kills rather than getting them myself. My first support champion was Soraka. I really enjoyed the strong heal and that she still had some ability to harass. I played her a lot until I got into Sona. Sona quickly became my main as I felt like I was able to assist my team in more ways than just healing. Her ability to speed her teammates, heal them, as well as still being able to deal some damage to the enemies really appealed to me.