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Hi, my name's LieutenantLemon and I created a League account near the start of 2013, but i gave up on it after a hefty tutorial. Little more than half a year after I was playing it all day. By the time I got to level 30, I got to thinking. Since I just hit level 30, should I not do my provisional games? I mean, it's really early and I don't know if I have the faith in myself yet. Nahhh... Well, I got 3 wins and got placed in Bronze III - I got to 99 LP. I took a little sigh (I guess) and played the match after that, "let's just win this and all will be k :D," I thought to myself. I did not win and I ended up getting demoted to Bronze IV. After a really long bundle of games with some fun feeders and trolls (I know I make mistakes too, I'm bronze for a reason), I finally got to 100 LP :DDDD yaaaay! So I went into my first promo, ok ok I've got this! I did. 1 win down, 1 to go. My second promo was a little different.Here it was. :S (I don't blame the Braum by the way he helped me get to 100 LP :D) Ok, one game left to go - this is nerve-racking, but I've got it. I did not unfortunately. Right now I am 93 LP in Bronze IV. But that will change, of course. Either for bad or good - either way if you're reading this you can find out the division I improve or deteriorate on. By going to my lolking, posted up somewhere on this page.

Thanks for reading :)