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Summoner Info

Lord Waffulz (Unverified)
Amumu, Singed, Annie
Tank, Caster DPS, Support


An author from Savannah, GA, Lord Waffulz (sometimes called "The Don" or the alias Robert Oder) enjoys competitive gaming, party rocking, drinking far too much, and women. If you know how to get any more of these than already accrued, please contact him at his only phone number, a secured and monitored government line, 912-344-8889.
When not out "collecting" games, alcohol, and women, Lord Waffulz tends to relax, training seven black Mastiffs and an army of attack hummingbirds. He has used his authoring skills to write several guides, mostly for his own team use during the "training season" (season one, when most of his allies were still too low level to play Ranked), but now open to the public. His K/D/A may not be the best, but his overall skill is by far better than most in his apparent ELO.