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so i've actually made use of this site for a long time now. i just never thought to sign up before. i do that sometimes, i don't know why.

anywho, LoL is one of my top 2 favorite online games. been playing for over a year now, but still got lots to learn. i like variety, so i'm usually cool with filling whatever role is needed. i do feel least comfortable with jungling though. most comfortable role for me would probably be support. since i like variety, i enjoy playing many different champions. it's hard for me to pick favorites, but if i had to, they would probably be Katarina, Riven, and Leona. champs that i really wanna learn better would be Poppy and Gragas.

so if you ever feel like teaming up with a not-really-noob-but-could-really-use-some-improvement player, hit me up.