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LoveLoverLove (Unverified)
Tristana, Jhin, Cassiopeia


Hi everyone,
in this profile mostly you will see adc guides. At my League of Legends acc i main marksmen. If you want to know my champion levels. Here's a list for you: Miss Fortune 7 lvl, Ahri 7 lvl, Vayne 6 lvl, Caitlyn 7 lvl, Nami 6 lvl, Ashe 5 lvl, Quinn 5 lvl, Sejuani 5 lvl, Jinx 5 lvl, Lulu 5 lvl, Annie 4 lvl, Syndra 5 lvl, Vel'Koz 4 lvl, Kayle 4 lvl, Tristana 4 lvl, Xayah 5 lvl, Sivir 4 lvl, Soraka 4 lvl, Akali 4 lvl, Morgana 3 lvl, Janna 3 lvl, Kindred 3 lvl, Poppy 3 lvl, Sona 3 lvl, Karma 3 lvl, Diana 3 lvl, Rek'Sai 2 lvl, Evelynn 2 lvl, Lux 2 lvl, Nidalee 2 lvl, Orianna 2 lvl. That it thanks for reading. And I hope you will find a guide that you enjoy :3

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