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Lux, Ezreal, Kog'Maw
Caster DPS, Ranged DPS, Support


I love using Lux because she has a good damage output, loooong range, and a nice support skill which has saved me and my teammates many times (My main main if you get what I mean o.O).

I also have a lot of fun playing as Ezreal cause using his skill shots just makes me feel very BA. I usually build him AP cause I usually play with my brother who mains with Ashe (Global Ults FTW!!!!!!) and it usually works out really well. Although I can play him pretty much any different way (AD, Hybrid, AP, it all works).

I also love to play an AP Kog'Maw which just pwns anything without magic resist (his long range ult plus the fact that it can be spammable if need be (not preferred) just makes him more awesome). Building him (it?) anti tank is also fun cause 10% of the opponents hp in magic dmg with 250% att spd is just awesome (need bloodrazor which I hate building.... builds slowly as a first item if you have to ask).

Other champs I play include: Amumu (for those moments where noone want to be a tank (solo que). Ashe (cheap and fun). Kassadin (used to be my main before I got Lux and Ezreal... and Kog'Maw). Kayle (first character I ever bought)(lots of funny stories with her when I was a newb). Kennen (cause he is just an awesome ninja). Ryze (just does tons of dmg plus has a unique dmg source which helps to make him tanky too.... weird tbh). Veigar (#2 on the purchase list.... hated him for the longest time but recently I've started to like him again). Swain (just on overall fun character to play..... Death by.... lazer bird???). Xin Zhao (used to play him a lot as a newb but as I got more experienced I started liking other champs).

Well that's me and my champs.... (I hate jungling btw, but love it when I have a jungler on my team :D)