After seeing about 4-5 other people post their gaming history, I figured I might as well post my own.

When I was really young, my parents said, more or less, "We'll think about getting you an N64 when you turn 13." This was when I was around 6-7. I was already hooked on the N64 from my friend who lived down the street who owned both an N64 and an NES. At a combined age of about 15, my brother and I somehow financed enough money for a used N64 after our grandma had bought us both Gameboy Colors. Needless to say, mom wasn't pleased. She let us keep it though as we had earned all the money ourselves.

Fast forwarding a few years to when I was about 10-11, my brother and I sold our N64 back to the store we bought it at. We used the trade credit, and our own money, to buy a used Gamecube. We had shopped there so much, they cut the price from 75$ to just about 50$ which allowed us to get everything else we needed as well.

We kept our dinky, but still in good condition, Gambecube up until about two years ago. We had had a Wii at this point but still loved our Gamecube all the same. We also had a 5 year old computer. Not very good for gaming. But, it ran emulators for both the NES and N64. I ended up playing many, many retro games. I still love them today.

Current older games I enjoy: Megaman 1-6, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 64

When it comes to how I got in to League and other online games though... My friend who lived down the street, and still does, was kinda growing apart from me. we still hung out but he was more into skateboarding, guns and guitars. I was into games, fiction and reading. He introduced me to this great game. "League of Legends," it was called. Combined all things I liked. Mobile robots, yetis, and the list goes on. I didn't have a good enough computer to reliably play it though so, I was left to play it whenever my friend let me on his computer. When I finally got my laptop though, I was in business. It was slow and team fights went horrible but, what really set me off into the "I love league" section that I'm in now is a really bad game as Ashe. People told me I was building Ashe wrong after a Twisted Treeline game, which I knew I was. The directed me to MOBAFire, which is where I am now. I knew I wouldn't be able to compete with some of the higher leveled players such as Xaioli, and most other level 30s mostly because I was under level 30 and my hardware was utter ****.

Then came the great day when MOBAFire held a contest. 1 random person could win a gaming computer! I figured that I might try for it, so I entered. When the contest entries closed, and the drawing was finished, I figured out I had won. Naturally I was ecstatic to say the least.

So, here we are now. I play Starcraft 2, League(obviously) and just generally bum around on the internet. I also use my computer for drawing with a tablet that got recently, although I'm not very good at it. I also use it for research. While I'm not the most competitive person, I know my basics and I know what should work. That said, I always try to have fun whenever I play.

EDIT: I just figured out I wrote a small essay. I hate to remember teh mood I was in while I wrote this for any future school papers. :P