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14 Jun
It's come to the first real week of summer and I can already tell it's going to be "great" to me.

Because I'm almost 18 and soon to be out on my own, I have to get a job to avoid moving with the parents when I'm done with school. Moving to a new state where I'll know pretty much nobody, note the best thing when I need to get a job.

In that very same vein, I also have to learn to drive. Something I put off for a while since pretty much everything I really need is within walking distance.

Soon after that, a couple friends and I are gonna look for a place to live....
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05 Mar

Views: 1384 Anniversary... missed

So, I completely spaced on my one year of joining. Ah well. I've accomplished a lot this past year.

I managed to make quite a few guides, one of which is now the third place Maokai guide. It was first place but people DV for weird reasons so, w/e I guess.

I've advanced straight to vet as well, not sure if through auto rep promotion or from being recommended for it but, I'm still proud.

I've seen the absolute worst the community has to offer as well as some of the best and I hope I'll still be around in another year to see the community grow even more.
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07 Feb
After seeing about 4-5 other people post their gaming history, I figured I might as well post my own.

When I was really young, my parents said, more or less, "We'll think about getting you an N64 when you turn 13." This was when I was around 6-7. I was already hooked on the N64 from my friend who lived down the street who owned both an N64 and an NES. At a combined age of about 15, my brother and I somehow financed enough money for a used N64 after our grandma had bought us both Gameboy Colors. Needless to say, mom wasn't pleased. She let us keep it though as we had...
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10 Jan
Here's where things get crazy.

There are a lot of OP champs... You just don't know about them.

First on the list, Swain.

While he is not a force to be reckoned with on his own, he brings great team fight potential with his ult keeping him alive and harming the three closest enemies. Combined with the ever-popular Will of the Ancients and the not-so-popular Spirit Visage, he can live through some of the most brutal team fights. Early on in the lane, a combo of Torment, Nevermove, Decrepify, Ignite can leave most lane opponents either dead or running for...
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