It's come to the first real week of summer and I can already tell it's going to be "great" to me.

Because I'm almost 18 and soon to be out on my own, I have to get a job to avoid moving with the parents when I'm done with school. Moving to a new state where I'll know pretty much nobody, note the best thing when I need to get a job.

In that very same vein, I also have to learn to drive. Something I put off for a while since pretty much everything I really need is within walking distance.

Soon after that, a couple friends and I are gonna look for a place to live. Better to split the rent, and still live close to home, than live by yourself and have to pay for everything...

Lastly, I have to get a better sleep schedule. Going to sleep at midnight and waking at noon every day isn't going to cut it in 90% of jobs unless I seriously luck out.

Yay living.