Bored again so I made another quick tier list.

Disclaimer: I'm taking into account both solo queue and competitive play as well as how risky/situational a pick is. In other words some of the tier 2 picks are situationally stronger than tier 1s and so on. Most ADC picks are very close in strength right now, there's only a few clear outliers - in general there's very little difference between the lower tier 2 picks and the higher tier 3 picks, so please don't take the exact positioning too seriously. Which makes me wonder why I'm even bothering to make this, but fk it.

Tier 1 (Great): Lucian, Caitlyn
Tier 2 (Good): Jinx, Ezreal, Twitch, Draven, Sivir
Tier 3 (Average): Graves, Corki, Vayne, Kog'Maw, Varus, Miss Fortune, Tristana, Ashe
Tier 4 (Poo): Quinn, Urgot

Obviously just my current scrublord opinion and stuff.

Tem stuff:

In other news my tem "Our Mains Are Challenger" took part in the community cup for the first time in many months and the first time since replacing Mowen with Joxuu.


We won three games, which is the furthest we've gotten so far. The first two games were relatively one-sided because there was quite a sizeable skill gap (Taric was level 21 without any runes, for example). We were able to abuse early-picked short range ADCs with two Caitlyn counterpicks and our Yasuo wombo combo worked well. The third game was the closest of the bunch. Although we were winning lanes Vi was able to make some good plays in bot lane combined with a lot of Nidalee roam. It was difficult to engage for a long time because of the team compositions and the poke/waveclear was an issue, but once we finally found some teamfights we were able to win them quite easily.

In the fourth game we played against the eventual tournament winners - four challenger players and one diamond 1 player, also challenger ranked in 5v5. It quickly became apparant that we were vastly outclassed in terms of skill as all of our lanes fell quite far behind very early on. It felt like they were playing a whole different game to us and I was pretty much reduced to desperately trying to avoid dying without falling too far behind in farm as I couldn't hit or dodge a single skillshot. They pushed relentlessly and although GMD was able to pick up some kills somehow - I think mostly because they stopped playing 100% seriously - we ended up helplessly watching our base die before I could even pick up a single item. A little bit disappointing, but not as bad as it could have been given the huge difference in skill level.

We also reached gold II in 5v5 placements, so all in all things are working out pretty good right now. I still miss having Mowen around, but Joxuu is playing well and doing a great job of carrying my heavy ***.