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Majamorra's Mobafire Blog

27 May

********n it! Another week here in My weekly news i'm your friendly friend (duh) Majamorra
and i have alot of information from this week. We will have an exciting tournaments week
in the LoL's wolrd. So lets start it!

After two hard-fought preliminary qualifiers, the final qualifier for Dreamhack Summer is being played out today starting at 14:00 CEST (UTC +2). Four teams out of the eight that made it so far will advance to the main event which will take place...
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20 May

Saintvicious joining Curse - Crumbzz to Dignitas - Voyboy to CLG

Longtime CLG jungler will become part of Team Curse, joining the team as the jungler. Curse will be saying goodbye to Crumbzz in an amicable parting of ways for personal reasons . CLG is not without a new lineup though, adding Voyboy from Dignitas to their team for top lane and sliding HotshotGG to the jungle. Dignitas will add Crumbzz to their lineup as well, and he will play top lane. All the top NA teams shuffling around as the...
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19 May

Hey Summoners, it's me Majamorra your friendly friend (Duh).
I'm starting this project that i haven't seen before, it's like a Newspaper or a blog or both things but made for me, a normal user on Mobafire.

So as you can see this is the first Week, so maybe i'll have some troubles or spell mistakes because i'm not american, i'm from Colombia; if you can help me with topics or things that you wanna see in this project just PM me. Finishing this lets start it.!...
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31 Mar
_// Your LoLReplay (Using this Guide) Here. You have to have LoLReplay to watch these replays. Find LoLReplay via Google. The program, LoLReply, allows you to record your own games and replay them at any time. An hour of gameplay is about 7 MB; 100x smaller than an average quality video, so don't worry about the files taking up space :)

Download it Here!
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