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My Basalyo account is actually my second LoL account. Being a Pinoy, my first account was in the PH servers, which currently has the Summoner Name of Lonely Heart.

I first started playing League in late 2012, just around the closing parts of Season 3. After hearing two years of nonstop League talk from my tropa (aka circle of male friends), I decided to give in and jump in the bandwagon too. I was just fresh from quitting Minecraft at the time and I really liked my username there (since it was also a pun of my first name), so I named my mew LoL account as FarLanderXI. Me being me, I had already done extensive research on League and its champions at the time, so I immediately knew who I was going to main first: Veigar. Of course however, as I was allocating IP for the Tiny Master of Evil, I found myself really enjoying my first true main: Warwick. Since I didn't have Smite in these early times (duh), I resorted to going to top lane and doing what I would eventually come to learn as split pushing and carried games by simply doing that. If the PH servers only had some form of, you'll be surprised to see many Warwick games where I don't even have any kills, deaths, or assists just because how dedicated I was to split pushing.

Eventually however, I grew tired of cheesing these pre-30 games through splitting at around level 15 or so.

It was then that I put down Warwick (I would still come to play him if I wanted to cheese again though) for three champions that will define me for the rest of my PH LoL career: Veigar, Fiddlesticks, and Cho'Gath. Those three were my absolute babies and comfort picks; the champions I would play if I wanted to wreck people and have fun at the same time. Up until my last days as a LoL PH player, they remained as my go-to picks alongside Warwick, though my Cho'Gath is the most fondly remembered by my tropa whenever we play together, since I had godly timing and predictions with Rupture and because of my general skill with the Terror of the Void.

That being said, being a remarkable Cho'Gath main didn't do much in the League of Assassins era. The highest rank I ever achieved back then was S2, since my pool of effective champions was just too small and my mechanics were lacking. During this tine of me being serious and actually trying to get good in League by playing ranked, me and the tropa renamed our accounts to each have matching first parts. All together as the Make Me gang, of which I was Make Me Lonely, since I thought it would be a nice name for someone who couldn't always join premades due to my horrendous internet. I also gained the title DC Lord because of my habit of disconnecting due to said horrendous internet.

Then came my time to leave the Philippines and live in Texas in 2015. As a sort of self-send off, I renamed my account to Lonely Heart (as a reference to a character of my then-new favorite anime/game series, Hyperdimension Neptunia) and bought Final Boss Veigar. I had (going by Garena's stats) 721 normal games played by the time I left that account.

Three months into my new life in Texas, I decided to download League again. Me being me (again), I was bored to death by my secondary climb to level 30. It was then that I decided to not take League as seriously as before and just become a casual pleb.

Time will tell if I will ever get good at League again.