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Malice Liddell (Unverified)
Fiora, Ahri, Vladimir
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Nice to meet you! I'm Malice Liddell, I'm from Spain, I have 21 years and I'm one of the huge community of summoners of League of Legends and MOBAFire.

First of all, my name is a wordplay of Alice Liddell, protagonist of Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, and the word malice.

I love XVIII and XIX century and even steampunk style, classical music, j-pop, j-rock, visual kei-styled j-rock, old-school rock and practically like all kinds of music. I usually write short novels or fan-fics, I winned few prices in literature & poetry contests, but not for being good but hard work.

I love videogames, RPG are my favourites, and massive onlines too. I started to play League of Legends since one and half year, with a pause of 5 months. One of the reasons I entered was for make english like my mature language so I try to do my best expressing myself (^^)

I'm polite and well-mannered, I think. I would know and meet players here in MOBAFire, and made friends, of course!

~Welcome to my profile page!~

I'm the author and owner of the Noble's Codex Guides. I'm very proud to share my knowledges to all users who want to be helped in their favourite champions.
Check out my guides and upvote if you liked!

Here's the list:

Codex I: Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork (v.1.2.)