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15 Nov

Views: 1564 Season 9 Climb Over.

So after a long grind I finally made it to Gold 4. I basically cut out every single champion and became a Veigar main playing him ~70% of the time and only had Lux and Neeko as back ups. I ended with a 65% WR on Veigar and boy am I happy. I think I might be able to climb higher since I have a 70% WR in my last 20 games, but I'm honestly happy and I'm going to stick since it's so close to the end of the season.

Next season I think I'll be aiming to make it into Platinum. I think I'll expand my champion pool like I was previously thinking, but I'm going to limit it to Veigar, Neeko and...
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06 Nov

Views: 856 End of season push.

At this point, there are about 12 days left until the season ends. I am currently at Silver 2, and the honest truth is I think that with a bit of a push I could make it to Gold 4 before the season ends and get the ranked rewards for the first time!

I've decided that in order to do this I'm going to be maining Veigar, meaning if he isn't banned/picked I'll be playing him. I've got Lux and Neeko as back ups just incase I desperately need them, but I honestly think that I might be able to make it to gold with Veigar.

I've already has some thoughts as well about next season and I've laid...
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