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MasterOfHorrors (Unverified)
Ryze, Diana, Taric
Caster DPS, Jungler, Support


Greetings Summoners,
I am Alex a LoL player, born on march 6, 1993.
I am a tactician at heart and team player.
Like most people I like to win but I also learn from defeat unlike most league players
I have created this account for the soul purpose to show possible builds for champions.

Things I wont do:
    Tell you that these builds work for everyone.
    Tell you that the builds work 100% of the time.
    Down vote anyone.(honestly this is a place where people share thoughts i think its sad to down vote for it.)
    I ignore any questions thrown at me.(i will reply to all of the questions when i get to them.)
    I wont stuff your mind with the elo or league rank i am because its simple not gonna change the results for you nor will it get me to a higher rank.

Things I will do:
    I will look at other guides smiths.(not to steal information but for better understanding i don't know everything and maybe the key item is on someone else mind or build)
    Try to post a video for each build showing the result of it regardless of the outcome.(with this said i will open a youtube page so you can come see the build if you'd like to see it or if its more comfortable for you to hear it that read it)
    Provide with very detailed guides to understand the full composition of the build with the champion.
    Play with anyone who adds me if i am available.