In case you did not know, and i am pretty sure that this is the case for most of you, my ryze guide never was the lowest rated guide of the site.(Special thanks to YeaISupport for pointing it out.)
The guide that was lower than me is an olaf guide from season 1 with a whopping 9% rating(it was 8% when i saw it the first time, someone must have upvoted it)

So why has nobody noticed it before?
The reason for this is that when you search all guides(you sort by rating obviously), it only shows the ones from season 3 by default. It looks like this:

to see the olaf guide, you have to include all guides, and it looks like this for ~50 pages(no, i don't know why the unrated guides are shown here, but not when you choose s3 only):

then, finally you see the lowest guide of the site:

then there is a tf guide with the same rating as my ryze guide, 10% and after that there is my ryze guide:

What will i do about this?
Nothing. I won't upvote any of the guides lower than my ryze guide because i think it is cheating, and i want to ask you guys to do the same. If you want to help me be the lowest guide on the site, then downvote my guide, don't upvote a guide that has not earned it.

Why could those two guides reach a rating below my guide?
It is simply because they are not well-known. Most of the more active members know my ryze guide. this attracts people who upvote it to piss me off or something. The olaf and the tf guide however have far less views and votes than me, are not really well-known. they just got downvoted into oblivion and then the comment section died, so the guides appeared nowhere and were forgotten, so no one upvoted them.

Can people still try to beat my guide?
It has not been archibed or something, so the answer is yes, however it obviously makes more sense to try to beat the olaf guide (at least until i beat it).
I will gladly downvote everyone who tries to and makes me laugh ;)
For those who want to try it, i only have one tip: keep the comment section alive. It will amplify your rating(the same goes for good guides obviously).

thank you for reading and have a nice day/night/whatever

ps:sorry for being too lazy to write this earlier :D