F*ck my life, i have to make annother blog just because i have 1000 posts. how great. I am so motivated that i could kill myself. and i forgot my reddit password( i obviously have not given them my e-mail, so i can't reset it), which makes my mood even better.

Damn, i think it would be better if i acted like i would be happy or something.

Ok, serious mode on.

Thank you guys for being an awesome boring community. as one can see by the number of my post, it is a great place to waste your time at. some people say that it is fun to be here, but i think this is only a rumor. there are no awesome people here and the only reason why i am not gone already is that i am too lazy to find a new community. i also learned nothing about league in here because there is not a single good guide in here.

I think it might be better to be actually serious.

Ok, serious mode on.

I'd like to thank everyone here for being awesome. I am proud to be a part of this community.

sorry for not writing anything longer, i have really important stuff to do i want to watch nyan cat.

Really, thank you. Thank you for being funny. Even if it was not intentional. Thank you for being helpful. Thank you for being simply awesome. Thank you for being a part of this community. And thank you for reading.