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Summoner Info

Max Jacobus Void (Unverified)
Jayce, Nautilus, Ahri
Melee DPS, Tank, Caster DPS


Hey one and all, Max Void here. Been playing Lol only for a short while (a month or so), so there's alot I still don't know about the game, so go easy on the slugging. :P

Anyways, You'll usually find me playing a Bruiser Jayce, Mid Ahri, or Support/Tank Nautilus. However you may see me playing a few random champs sometimes, kinda testing the waters and seeing if I like one more than my usual 3 (use to be a Jayce/Morgana/Soraka regular). And I'll absolutely be playing whichever free champs that I haven't played yet when they come up... so if you see me in a beginner bot game with a free champ or some random one I bought with my IP cause I thought it was cool... well, you know.

About myself now? Bleh. I'm boring. Failed art school due to un-renewable student loans, got a job at a local supermarket bakery, now I work part-time as an assistant baker. Which means early mornings, lots of my cash being funneled to my student loan, and not alot of spare change to get myself nice things... besides the occasional champ skin or IP boost, lol.

Oh, one more thing: I'm loving this group called Two Steps From Hell recently. Good symphonic orchestral pieces, all fitting great with Lol's theme. Pop one on repeat or a whole string of them in one shot: I'm on cloud nine, no matter how badly my game is rolling (my most worst messups going as 3/12/2 Jayce, 0/5/0 Ahri, and 0/8/4 Nautilus. Oh yeah, bad days happen people).

That's all from me! Expect this to change if I juggle my line up in the future!
~~ Max Void