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Max Lee
Yasuo, Viego, Kha'Zix
Assassin, Marksman, Fighter


Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Max and I think I have a pretty good understanding of the game even though I am just silver. I really rarely play ranked since it's just really toxic in there and because I play this game just for fun (it's possible to have fun in this game lol). Therefore I end up playing a lot of normal games and also encourage myself to try a lot of off-meta stuff. Maybe I will find something really good which will someday be consistant enough to be viable to grind ranked.

My all time favourite champion is Yasuo because he just feels really diverse in his possibilities to make a play even though his kit is so simple. I also just like the flow you can kinda feel when playing this champion and dashing through minions while spinning around.

I don't really have a main role since I like to play every role there is in this game since I think it's best to have a deep understanding of all roles to play your main role the best. If I really have to choose my two "main" roles would be middle and jungle. As a mid laner I can just put pressure on the whole map with my knowledge I have, having played a lot of the other lanes. As a jungler I have a great feeling of where the enemy jungler is and when to and not to take the objectives and help our leading lanes.

Most importantly: Don't be toxic and tilt, since this is the biggest reason why people lose games.

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