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Meiyjhe's Mobafire Blog

28 May
Wow wat is dis? Mejiji has a new update? Blogs exist? Waaaaaaahhhh

I felt like sharing stuff and then I realized I had a bunch of stuff I could share so I was like lets totes make a blog xd

Table of Contents
1. Work work zug zug dabo
2. What is the meaning of live? I mean where do you live?
3. Yeah yeah romance still happening, dw about it
4. IRL meetups with more mobaferians waaaaa
5. I liked Bill Wurtz before he was cool

1. Work work zug zug...
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07 Nov
Welcome to this new episode of MR where last time Robert broke up with Venessa after he found out that the daughter got pregnant from Venessa's evil brother Gorschwitz that killed Robert's father and stangled a puppy.

This new episode will contain violence, drama, romance and action! Let's roll!

Table of Contents
1. Mobafire Romance
2. Internships and graduations
3. Oh who are we kidding, you came for the first topic!

1. Mobaferian Romance
As a reportwriter I feel...
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02 Oct
Holy ****. I have been checking out the most recent blogs and not a lot of **** is happening atm. Get on the tip of your chair boys and girls, because I am blowing some live into this dustfest.

Table of Contents
1. Meiyjhe, y u so afk
2. Story advertisement, sort of
3. Searching for fun online games!
4. Searching for environmental internship possibilities that ARENT Dutch!

1. Meiyjhe, y u so afk
Meiyjhe, known for spamming the forums and...
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05 Jul
Hello boys and girls,

First I shall boost my E-peen by bragging about having 500 +rep!

Now that is out of the way, put on your party hats and get ready to read some more celebration worthy events!

Table of Contents
1. ****** stuff
2. School stuff
3. Cuba
4. Innovating forum awards

1. ****** stuff
So I explained in the last blog the ****** situation I had. From then on a bunch of...
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