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09 Feb
The new ranked system that makes you lose points when you dodge is stupid. But I accepted that, I was ok with that. It didn't bother me THAT much. However, the stupidest thing just happened.

I was in the promotion series and my team was so durp, our mid was "random locked" and we had jungle rammus, and everything was sooo bad, so I dodged.

Then, i lost 10 League Points, and the promotion series ended. Now I have to win another game to get to the promotion. While that was already pretty bad, I had already won 1 promotion game.

Aka, for dodging, I am set behind 1 game I...
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19 Jan

Views: 439 I don't get it :s

am I really the only one who finds twisted treeline interesting and would rather play ranked 3's with my friends then 5's?

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11 Sep
Since I have been discouraged to make new guides due to the kind of votes in mobafire as expressed by everyone throughout the site, I thought I would make something new where I would have NO COMPETITION and no one downvoting random builds.

Letsay I have a champion guide, the downsides to it would be:
There wouldn't be many voting on it, theres already a great one out there.
There would be alot of slightly newer players who would think I'm wrong, and downvote because of that.
There would be people who own a guide of the same champion and...
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