(Church Bell Ringing)

Announcer: But, there's one they fear. In their tongue he's Dovakin. DRAGON BORN!!!

Olaf: DE-MAN-CIA!!! Throw mah axe then I see ya'. I farm up my top lane, in the jungle you shall stay. Twere not for me you might gank, I slow you, then your team will see a dead tank! Cause I take tanks with ease, with my true damage, come at me? Please. If you think that your flames will harm me son, when my hp gets low Su-Grah* your done!

(Choir Vocalizes)

Shyvana: You! Think you can defeat me? even when your team says your feed? Even after I own your lane, you still think, you will bring the pain? You see my score, 4/2/2. Just means I've dealt more damage than you, when you gotta wait, up to 60 seconds, Dont type in chat "double qq".

Olaf: Hmm, your raps are bad, it's so sad, its fun to see you get mad. I'll whup ou worst than your dad, shut down the killing spree, that you had. Lemme blow your health up lika nuke from its launching pad.

Shyvana: It's time for drag form, I'll bring the storm, even Ragnorok dislikes you, your skills are like 4-2 minus two! Even nerfed Evelyyn could beat you, whup your butt with Ash's pocket monster Pikachu! When I tank and gank, this fight is through. See you Olaf Achoo!.

(Song Ends)

Shyvana: Sorry Im alergic to failure

*In Skyrim one of the shouts is Su-Grah-Dun, which allows you to attack faster, much like Olaf's passive. Link for Confirmation Here

Dr. Mundo: Awe I didn't announce this one oh well. EPIC RAP BATTLES OF LEAGUE OF LEGENDS!!! Who Won? Whos Next? You decide!!! (Durp, durp, durp)