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Mintleaves's Mobafire Blog - Tag: versus

18 Oct
(Church Bell Ringing)

Announcer: But, there's one they fear. In their tongue he's Dovakin. DRAGON BORN!!!

Olaf: DE-MAN-CIA!!! Throw mah axe then I see ya'. I farm up my top lane, in the jungle you shall stay. Twere not for me you might gank, I slow you, then your team will see a dead tank! Cause I take tanks with ease, with my true damage, come at me? Please. If you think that your flames will harm me son, when my hp gets low Su-Grah* your done!

(Choir Vocalizes)

Shyvana: You! Think you can defeat me? even when your team says your feed? Even after I own your lane, you...
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01 Oct

Views: 1075 versus

Shaco: Ladies and gentlemen, we have someone who wants to come back! To come back, Minty has decided to give a second chance. Epic Rap Battles of League of Legends. Its Urgot versus Dr. Mundo. Begin the battle.

Urgot: Hey Mundo, don't come at me, with your big slowing cleavers, and burning agony. I throw muck in your face, watch my team and me get an ace. I'll kill you slowly you worm, I'll get more farm than you, now it's your turn.

Dr. Mundo: I win rap battles cause I please, I wil rap battles with such ease. Introducing your defeat, like I have only 3 toes on...
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11 Sep
Mintleaves: As promised, I have made my last rap battle, my favorite one, I feel it should be the end... OF SEASON ONE!!!! That's right, I have decided to make a season two ERBOLOL and it will have better choices, better raps, and better battles!!! Ok Mundo it's all you.

Dr. Mundo: Naw I don't wanna.

Mintleaves: Don't want to? Hehe, guys let me talk to him for a bit and maybe...

Dr. Mundo: By eferyone, I wown't be hear, fer season two.

Mintleaves: Alright, I guess he's had enough, well lets see if we can't get anyone else to host it. Hey Tristana you seem to have good aim...
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27 Aug
Hello, I am Mintleaves but some of you may call me Mint. I have made 9! Epic Rap Battles of LoL. For my Tenth ERB, I have an idea. How would you like to see an Epic Rap Battle, between my...


and NicePeter's and EpicLloyd's...


Please leave your vote and comments below. Any questions? Leave them below or PM for more details. :) <3
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14 Aug

Views: 690 versus

Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battle of League of Legeeeennndsss!!! Fiora! Versus! Master Yiiiiiiii!!!! Begin!

Master Yi: AD or AP, like no other, I meditate then tank everyone, then their brother. You think your faster than me with the touch of your Dash then your speed? I use my ulti to finish the kill, girl. I kill you so fast, it'll make your head whirl! When I use my E, I raise my AD, get more damage to increase to rampage, then legendary, is my next goal! I'm on a roll, no time to shut down me, pop my ulti to get away, to strong for some ELO sway. Im not here to play, I send noobs astray to...
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