Mintleaves: As promised, I have made my last rap battle, my favorite one, I feel it should be the end... OF SEASON ONE!!!! That's right, I have decided to make a season two ERBOLOL and it will have better choices, better raps, and better battles!!! Ok Mundo it's all you.

Dr. Mundo: Naw I don't wanna.

Mintleaves: Don't want to? Hehe, guys let me talk to him for a bit and maybe...

Dr. Mundo: By eferyone, I wown't be hear, fer season two.

Mintleaves: Alright, I guess he's had enough, well lets see if we can't get anyone else to host it. Hey Tristana you seem to have good aim with words.

Tristana: I will Ready, Aim, and Fire your...

Mintleaves: Well that's enough of that, how about Mordekaiser he seems lyrical.

Mordekaiser: I like my lyrics, how I like my music, heavy and metal!

Mintleaves: I guess he's out. Hey, how about you, Jax?

Jax: I won't give you the pleasure kid, besides I just kicked Yorick's butt, I'm too tired.

Mintleaves: Well we seem to be running out of people, this is a horrible way to end season one. Wait, I still have my first rapper, one I can always count on, one who set this series into it's motion.

Shaco: Well, well, well a little slow, and low on a host, well I don't mean to boast, so let's make a toast to the end of season one.

Shaco: Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce a Mintleaves Production, an EROBLOL, a work of art that has entertained many.

Shaco: Epic Rap Battles of League of Legends. It's Kayle versus Morgana, again.
You may now start the bloodshedding.

Morgana: Thank you Shaco, for that slow, excuse me sis but you gotta go. I will rip you a new, that the truth, blow a hole in your head, bigger than the one in Abe's By John Wilkes Booth. You don't scare me, I always survive so op that I get banned in ranked games, thats no lie. You think win, I beat you worse than I beat Lee Sin.

Kayle: Why am I here, I kicked your butt once, I got my powers first you sissy little dunce. My raps are invincible just like me, to beat me you gotta walk, talk, and act like me, send you down in history, sis sorry, for being mean.

Morgana: I'll beat you like Mahlz did Kassadin, in the rap battle number seven. This time I won, son, this is fun, especially since this rap battle's done!

Kayle Don't rhyme your bad at it, my skills are pro and I believe that these few words fit. When this battles over, like the last time you see? The chick will be saying, once again...

Female Voice: Victory!!

Shaco: Thank you for watching, and I hope you got the free prize under your seat? Well, if not the enjoy this commercial.

Sweating on the Inside? Handle it on the inside!

Shaco: In case of an emergency please reach under your seat and pull out the jack in the box, then shoot the person on your right with it. Hope you enjoyed this show. Just a little bit closer, to the end!