Shaco: Ladies and gentlemen, we have someone who wants to come back! To come back, Minty has decided to give a second chance. Epic Rap Battles of League of Legends. Its Urgot versus Dr. Mundo. Begin the battle.

Urgot: Hey Mundo, don't come at me, with your big slowing cleavers, and burning agony. I throw muck in your face, watch my team and me get an ace. I'll kill you slowly you worm, I'll get more farm than you, now it's your turn.

Dr. Mundo: I win rap battles cause I please, I wil rap battles with such ease. Introducing your defeat, like I have only 3 toes on my feet! I kill whomever I please, better evict from the Rift. I bought the lease. You can't kill me I'm in the jungle, a better solo-top than the engineer Rumble.

Urgot: I smell, your scared, I can tell. Just run away, don't stray. I owned you even in my match history from yesterday!

Dr. Mundo: I find your raps unamusing, come at me bro, I am fusing, Items with the recipes, and ownin champions easily, and leaving the summoner's rift cake bloody, the butcher's here, run away hastily!

Shaco: It's your choice to bring back our old announcer, if he win this battle, then he shall come back and I shall go back to jungling. Hope you Enjoyed.

Special Thank to TheNwaa who helpd developed this battle with me.