Dr. Mundo: Epic Rap Battle of League of Legeeeennndsss!!! Fiora! Versus! Master Yiiiiiiii!!!! Begin!

Master Yi: AD or AP, like no other, I meditate then tank everyone, then their brother. You think your faster than me with the touch of your Dash then your speed? I use my ulti to finish the kill, girl. I kill you so fast, it'll make your head whirl! When I use my E, I raise my AD, get more damage to increase to rampage, then legendary, is my next goal! I'm on a roll, no time to shut down me, pop my ulti to get away, to strong for some ELO sway. Im not here to play, I send noobs astray to take down the pros, bring em on, and I'll make em see their cons. Oh, now it's on when this fight begun the rap battle was over, I won!

Fiora: HAHA! Use your ulti to run, I use mine to kill some champions son! My farm is massive, yes it high, maxed Bloodthirsters, yes it's time! Now I'm on a spree killing pros, it's easy, when there noobs. Owning them, without a ruse. No ambush, or a teamfight owing champs. outright, lets fight! Time to run son 3k gold now it's done, when I buy BT straight. get on another server, before I own both, you and your brother!

Master Yi: I don't fear the unknown, what makes you think that I won't roam, get a double kill, here or there, maybe a quadra, son you think it's not fair. You call me noob, check out my score 4/0/2, ownin' you, killin' two, maybe three, getting four, my combo's sick, nicknamed "The Pro Tour". Lets go for a ride, I think I'll let that kill slide. Feeling pride, swallowed up and mysterized, I own anything in a brush, or out in a lane. More than Vayne I bring the pain son, I make it rain!!

Fiora: The pro duelist, that's what they call me, get kills now I'm legendary. Watch me own, use my dash, then my parry, faster than Flash! E, Q, W, R owning you, without a scar. This end has been expected, making sure that when I gank there is no exit! I have a AD buff passive too, more op, than your's I'm sure, helping my team win the war, owning noobs now I'm 7/0/4!

Dr. Mundo: Who won? whos next? You decide! Epic Rap Battle of League of Legeeeennnds!!!

Sorry bout this one it was a long time comin' will make more shortly.