Shaco: Epic Rap Battle of League of Legends. Allow me to introduce, Jarvan IV. He will be up against, Jerico Swain. Begin, the fight.

Swain: When I start, I go mid, killing everything, from Ahri to Fid! Come over here to take a pass, and watch me stick your flag up your class! Cause, no one likes tank, they go for fighter, would you like to die? I'll pull an all nighter, in queue more people pick me, they see that they'll feed with you, a wussy!

Jarvan IV: You call me commander, take a lesson from the stronger. My flag leads the attack, so when I'm mia, better watch your back. I raise a sheild, better stop running cause there's a yeild, I'll get more farm, than Nasus's feild. Jump into my arena, when you start leaving tower my team will jump, then we'll see ya. Think of this as a test, to rap against the best, I'll lay you to rest, I must confess, I think of you as a target, I'm in the market for some Swain defeat, and some Jarvan victory!

Swain: Back up, I'll beat you worse than a stray little pup, whats up? Your deaths! You like to jump me, just get behind me you gay little worm, better run, for when you die you better not squirm!

Jarvan IV: Don't contest me, I'll kill your little bird, you see, I'm a little fed up with your sad rhymes, I think it's time to let you go, come back to me, when you get some skill bro.

Shaco Who won? Who's next? You decide. Ep-ep Epi-Epic Rap, Epic Rap Battle of League of Legends.

Season Two seems to be going well, we'd love to hear what you think, and who you think should be next.